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Covert key croc


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On 10/1/2022 at 10:40 PM, Sean777 said:

I seen something on you tube where a key croc was put into a keyboard. Question why can’t a key croc or usb ducky be put into a laptop and accessed any time or information but up loaded to a site that can be accessed anywhere? 

maybe i misunderstand you but i don't think it was a keycroc. i know it with the keylogger from maltronics (http://docs.maltronics.com/keyloggers/internal-keylogger/). 
If you want to access your keycroc or bashbunny from anywhere you need c2 and local wifi.

if you find the space for a keycroc + bunny or whatever in a laptop, there is probably only one question left to answer: where do you find an internal usb port and why not just install. a RAT (like https://github.com/quasar/Quasar) that makes the device accessible from your own server?

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