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Error validating Licence Key - C2 Cloud


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Hello Support,

I am trying to activate a C2 Cloud instance on AWS - Ubuntu 18.04 and being presented with an Error: error validating Licence Key message upon activation via the web page on port 8080; I have re-attempted the activation several times; see further details below:

Using the following setup script:
wget https://c2.hak5.org/dl -q -O c2.zip && unzip -qq c2.zip && \
IP=$(curl -s https://checkip.amazonaws.com) && \
echo "Copy the below setup token and browse to http://$IP:8080" && \
./c2-*amd64_linux -hostname $IP

Successful Installation:
Copy the below setup token and browse to http://IP_Address:8080
[*] Initializing Hak5 Cloud C2 v3.2.0
[*] Hostname: IP_Address
[*] Initial Setup Required - Setup token: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
[*] Running Hak5 Cloud C2

Can you please confirm the Licence Key I should be using for the C2 Cloud - Community Version?, thank you.



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