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nmap port scan windows xp


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In which case, talk to you teachers about it, we can't give you solutions which may count as cheating.

General advice, check you've got the IP address right and you've got network access between the two hosts.

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what OS are you running nmap from ?

And, yep, check it's the right IP on the target. But, also, if nothing is actually listening, nmap won't find anything, so make sure samba / print and filesharing is working or whatever you're targeting, and you can actually see the machine..

To confirm nmap is working, try to run it against you router (in YOUR network) 🙂

But you say it's for your studies, what are you studying if I may ask ? 🙂

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If you've been asked to do an external "hack" against an XP box and you are beginner then it will have open ports.


And anyone still teaching against XP boxes should be taken out to pasture along with XP. Join the modern world!

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