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Pineapple not picking up clients or handshakes


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I have the pineapple connected to its own internet performing and audit on my home internet. It shows a lot of routers in the recon page but 0 clients. I add my SSID to the pool and listen for handshakes and signed all my devices out then back in, restarted, forgot and rejoined. Everything I could think of and nothing. 0 clients found, 0 handshakes captured. Can anyone reccomend some more in depth books or YouTube videos. The ones I've found and the book that was included are so brief. Idk if this is a user error or what..

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Can't answer about the campaign stuff.

Did you activate the capture handshake option for that specific AP? I.e. do a recon where the desired AP is listed. Click the AP, click the button that indicates to start capturing handshakes (can't remember now exactly what it's called), then disconnect and reconnect some devices or deauth them.

Are you scanning using 2.4 or 5 GHz or both? What band are your network devices using?

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