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How to see all 5ghz wifi networks


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I'm Abdul Rehman.i'm student from Pakistan. Hope you are fine.i see your portfolio and profile, you are doing great job .I'm facing two issues i have installed parrot os and also try in kali linux. Frist of all I want to see 5ghz Wi-Fi signal near me .I bought  Alfa AWUS036ACH wifi adapter.i have update and upgrade my machine and installed complete driver rtl8812au . After that start  basic commands
1. sudo airmon-ng start wlan1
2.sudo airmon-ng check kill
3.sudo airodump-ng wlan1 --band a

It's showing some 5ghz Wi-Fi signal
But my issue start from here.

During this testing, I have installed UBNT lite beem M5 near my laptop

It's scanning only these devices which have configured on channel width 40Mhz  and device country region is Pakistan then showing. If I change channel width 30Mhz or 20Mhz and change device country region Australia or France or any not showing any signal.

Dear sir :
How can i see all channel width and every country region device with my Alfa AWUS036ACH
Please tell me or send me commands.

I will be very, very thankful to you 💓👍

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