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Payloads not firing on bash bunny please help!

Go to solution Solved by Irukandji,

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Hi all,



I am brand new to the bash bunny. I downloaded the master directory and transferred it to the root of the Bunny. I copied the payload text file I wanted to switch 1 to run a test on my laptop. Light went green on wifipass payload and then went dark. Nothing happened. Is this something I will have to SSH into it the bunny to get to the root of the issue? Please advise! Not too sure where to start… thanks. 

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I can get into arming mode just fine. I am wondering if I accidentally deleted a file or something from the root folder? I can elaborate if need be.. I loaded the bash bunny master zip folder from github. Replaced the 3 empty folders on the :  D drive bunny with the folders that come with the master zip (payloads, docs and langs I think?) that copied over just fine. I then went to payloads and prepared the txt file. When plugged in on switch 1 and 2 the bunny lights up green for a moment, then goes dark. Payload doesn’t fire. 

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This is the mass storage of the Bash Bunny.


And here is the factory reset procedure.



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factory reset procedure.
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7 minutes ago, Jtyle6 said:

Thank you for the link. I am on Windows 11. So perhaps I have added or taken away folders… is that a possibility? All I did was copy the zip file from github and  placed it on the mass storage. The 3 folders that were already on it I replaced with the ones from the .zip. I must’ve done something wrong. Would an image help get to the bottom of it. Perhaps I have placed a folder wrong or maybe renamed by accident? Would I have to SSH into the bunny to check this?

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Aha! Success!

Successfully swiped the wifi creds from my laptop. Didn’t need to do anything to the payload file itself in terms of editing. Thanks again for helping me restructure the files. That seemed to have fixed my issue. Hope you get your new ducky soon!

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