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Not sure how to build this payload- launch script upon file save


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I would like to use my BB at work in a manufacturing environment. I have most of these pieces working already on a laptop as I wrote them a long time agoand have been using them almost daily. My confusion comes in at how to launch actions from the BB versus the target. For now I dont want to run anything on the target since it wouldnt work as-is anyway(industrial equipment). At present I only need to launch the scripts Iv been using on other computers any time files are copied to the BB's storage. The scripts are very simple using basic tools like grep, awk, sed and so forth. But all payloads seem to be written for execution on the target. I would like to take my scripts and make a function so I can have an extension at my disposal but just executing a script will work for now.

I am an experienced user but still feeling my way around this nifty little toy. Thank you guys!

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A bit difficult to say without knowing more about what is supposed to be happening, but the Bunny is a Debian box so you don't necessarily need a specific payload to make the Bunny do things. For example, bash or Python could be possible candidates to get the job done. As said, without knowing much about what the scripts are doing, just take the PC based scripts as-is and try to get them running on the Bunny. Adjust as needed. Shouldn't be that difficult if they are basic ones.

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Thanks dark_pyrro here is a little more detail.

I have 10 Haas CNC machines most of which have modern(NGC) controls but one has a first gen control. It does not natively accept usb so it has a gotek floppy emulator running flashfloppy installed. Flash floppy requires floppy images and for this I have a special usb stick made. The bunny works easily with the emulator or the modern controls but Id like to run a set of standard bash commands against any files saved on the bunny in order to parse for keywords then respond appropriately, ie renaming the file and archiving in a particular place based on what is grep'd.


If I save a file from a target computer while acting as storage, how can I run a script not on the target but on the bunny?

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