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New Ducky dead?


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Was wondering if anyone has had their new Ducky die on them. (without trying to flash it as I've read)

The LED is dead, doesn't execute payloads or show up as a drive. The button doesn't do anything.
It does show up with lsusb as Atmel Corp. at32uc3b0/1 DFU bootloader so I guess it's not completely dead.


I hadn't put any payloads on it yet only opened it to put the stickers in for the button.
And after testing the button and was looking around whats on the drive I decided to make a backup of the content of the drive to put all the folders in a .7z
When I returned after lunch the ducky was dead and didn't respond to anything anymore.

Tried to extract the SD to put a working payload on and removed the .7z file in case that was holding it up for some reason, but no change.

Anyone experience something similar?

PS. A support ticket has been made as well but they are away for 10 more hours

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Just put the inject.bin in the root directory of the SD card. A known good one is from kitchen himself.


It only would print hello world the button has been pressed.


And I was just checking.

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OK, seems as if it operates as if the button has gotten stuck in the "keypress down" position. Pressing the button and holding it down on a healthy Ducky when inserting it into a PC has the same effect, i.e. no LED and identifies itself as an "Atmel blahblah DFU". I've seen some users that has reported this since the new Ducky was released. I would suggest creating a support ticket, but you have done that already as I understand it.

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You could try to measure the continuity with a multimeter that can be put in continuity test mode. Put the test leads on the "legs" of the button 8Make sure to use the correct legs though). If it's beeping all the time, something's most likely wrong with the button. If it just beeps (indicating continuity) when the button is pressed, the button itself is probably OK.

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I did that before, just not had time yet to update here.

It measures ~300kohm when not pressed, when pressed it measures ~1ohm.
Then there is of course the legs that beeps al the time but that is just how the button works.

So sadly the button isn't the culprit 😞

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Ranish —

I'm sorry to hear that your USB Rubber Ducky isn't working properly. We will get you sorted. As previously mentioned, please open a support ticket from https://hak5.customerdesk.io/ > Product Support > USB Rubber Ducky. If you have already opened a ticket using a different means than this, please feel free to forward it to me directly (darren@hak5.org) and I will make sure it gets tagged appropriately. I say this because in checking our Ducky tickets I don't see one related to this issue.

Best regards,

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