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SD Card not found


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I have to say that I am not a professional. I put the card (16GB) into the Nano and then 
went to Format SD in the GUI. At first it loaded forever, but after a reset it said "card formatted" 
but even if I don't have a card in the nano and go to SD farmate it says "successful"
In the overview, the card is also not recognized (I put a USB stick in the Nano to test it, it recognized it perfectly)
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Not sure what computer(s)/OS(s) you have available, but if you have something Linux based, then you could use gparted and try to format it in EXT4 before putting it in the Nano. Also make sure it has one partition only. If not using Linux then you can try using the official SD card formatter from the SD Association.


I know that users have had issues with the Nano and Micro SD cards historically. I've never had any issues though.

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It might be frustrating, but I don't really think it's related to the firmware update since I have the Nano running the latest firmware available since long and it works without any problems regarding Micro SD card use. In any way, the Nano is EOL so it's pretty certain to assume that there will not be any new firmware releases or hardware support, at least nothing that is covered by some kind of warranty.

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