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Trying to buy the MARK VII+AC TACTICAL

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When I try to put the MARK VII+AC TACTICAL in my cart it populates as the Basic $119 version of the MARK VII.. I don't want to buy the AC Adapter seperate, as I can't find any documentation as to the differences. Is the AC Tactical = to the standard MK7 AC Adapter? Not much documentation on all of the mods at the moment that I can find, but I need to be able to scan 5G. Also, in one of the videos it says that with 2.0 and the AC aAdapter you can scan the full suite of 5G but in the description it makes it seem like you only get the AC channel. Can anyone help out here? I wish there was a Hak5 customer support #

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There is a Hak5 customer support



Have you tried a different browser? I have no problems adding the Mark VII+AC Tactical to the shopping cart.

There are no differences. The Mark VII is the same either it's "basic" or "tactical". The MK7AC adapter is the same if it's bought separately or bundled in the "tactical" variant.

What do you mean when saying "AC channel"? 802.11AC and 5 GHz isn't "contradictive".

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If you attach the MK7AC to the Pineapple (or anything compatible that supports 5 GHz, i.e. something MT7612 based when it comes to the Pineapple specifically), it scans both the 2.4 GHz range as well as the 5 GHz range. You can select 1) either of the ranges or 2) both in the Pineapple web UI when doing recon scans.

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