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Is base address + offset obfuscation a working anti-cheating technique?


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Hi, I'm a programmer with little hacking knowledge, but as far as I understand hacking games usually boils down to finding out base addresses of pointers, since there never change when you restart a game and knowing offsets for fields. Then you just follow the pointers, add offsets to read content of any member variable.

If a game developer had a script/program, that would insert a random number of variables into the source code before some important base pointers during compilation and insert random number of additional member variables at the start of objects, wouldn't it make hacking the game much more difficult, since locations of base addresses and member variables offsets wouldn't be static anymore when the game is restarted?

I'm aware it can't prevent anyone from hacking such a game, but I am right in my assumption, that it would be an additional burden to hack such a game?

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