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New USB Rubber ducky keyboard language


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Recently received the new Rubber Ducky and im not very familiar with scripting and payloads, but id love to learn.

When i tried a few of the payloads available for the rubber ducky from here https://shop.hak5.org/blogs/payloads*

I noticed they ran with US keyboard layouts, so they failed on my tests.
So i was wondering how do i change that in the payloads? Or is this not possible to change?

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Am 4.9.2022 um 3:43 Uhr sagte Darren Kitchen:

Für alle anderen, die nach Möglichkeiten zum Ändern der Sprache suchen, finden Sie in Payload Studio die DUCKY_LANG-Optionen unter Einstellungen > Compiler-Einstellungen.



Hi Darren, I can't find any language files on the Hak5 github page. Where do I get these language files from?

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4 minutes ago, hak99 said:

When trying to load a language file I get an "it looks like this file is not invalid, try uploading another" error. Clearly there is a syntax error but more importantly, what can I do to solve the problem?


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