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Can't enable the WiFi coconut drivers on a Linux VM in Virtual Box


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I have installed the drivers on my Windows 11 and I'm able to run the wifi-coconut software nicely.

I have a Kali box on Virtual Box, however there is no info in the docs about running the coconut on a VM though - I've installed the software on Linux already by the way.

I know that although the device has 14 radios, the WiFi coconut software handles all of them together.

The problem is that if I have only one USB WiFi adapter, I can filter it in Virtual Box in order to enable it inside the VM.

But since the WiFi coconut has many (14) adapters, Virtual Box lists all of them, like in the following image:



I thought I could at least click each of these then run the software in Kali, but I can barely make one adapter pass through to the VM. When I click one of these it either fails, or nothing happens, or only one can be selected.


Any idea on how to do this or if it's even possible?



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