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Shark Jack Battery Swollen


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So I have a couple OG shark jacks (battery) and the batteries are swollen to the point its case popped apart.

not a big deal for me ive got a wired one, I just wanted to ask if there is anything that will go bad -- Like getting it wet, or feeding it after midnight --  if I was to remove the battery?

ive had these for 3 years now, my plan is to just power it from the usb port on the device, also do yall perhaps have a part number for the battery? just incase i want to ditch the tail...

good seeing some of yall at defcon, please reach out via PM or DM or whatever yall call it? if need be.

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6 hours ago, SofaKing said:

part number for the battery

"1S 401020 3.7V 50mAh 0.2W LiPo" according to the docs. Not really a part number, but the type of battery used. I've searched for it in the past and found a lot of replacement candidates. I've also read about users even using larger batteries (just a bit). But I haven't been documenting that since it's not relevant to me to beef up the Shark when the time comes to replace the original battery that came with it. Just having very basic soldering experience should be enough to replace the puffed battery with a new one. Just using it as a Shark Jack Cable should most likely be possible (without the hardware serial of course). In any way I think it's important that you get rid of that puffed battery. It can turn into a fire hazard.

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