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Pineapple - Rogue AP


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Hi all,

I bought a Pineapple a few months back, I managed to get the captive portal feature working, but I never managed to get the rogue access point working.

I am due onsite to do some pen testing in a few weeks and I would like to incorporate the Pineapple in the wireless testing if possible. Up to now, I have used tool such as airgedden and aircrack-ng but the Pineapple feels like a better more professional tool.

Can anyone please run through the work flow of how to configure a rogue access point please? Is the rogue access point the same as an evil ap? 

Essentially I want to trick the users into connecting to my Pineapple / Rogue AP / Evil AP and ultimately steal the WiFi password. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.


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correct, I want to steal the wifi password of the wireless network on site. The wireless network that all the users will be connected to. I suppose the correct term is WPA2 PSK.

So if I need to use some kind of social engineering to get the WPA2 PSK, what exactly is the purpose of the Pineapple? 

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Can you help me or not? Do you know how to make use of a Pineapple during an engagement or not? 

Being totally honest, I don’t, that’s why I’m on here asking.

I bought it based on it being a Wi-Fi hacking tool, that’s it 👍

all I want is a few pointers on how the device can help me during engagements. All the articles online seem to be for an evil portal which I don’t want. I want to know what the rogue AP feature of pineap does and how it works.


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