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Shipping Hell


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I am stuck in a shipment conundrum, and cannot get my order shipped to the right address, MonkProtect authorized a re-shipment and sent it back to the wrong address. 

I recognize that this is not really a issue for the Hak5 forum, but I cannot otherwise find a human on the Hak5 team to assist me!? 

Please help!

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been there done that, no help there for me. had a chat with someone / something, that might be an AI; they approved a re-shipment of my shipped-to-the-wrong-address order, and then sent it to the same wrong address... I presumed, that given the correct address, they would route is correctly... 🤪 

order number 276552 @$407... 

hoping that this catches the eye of Darin or Shanon...

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22 hours ago, Techgoat said:

message received loud and clear.... shipping errors are ignored by Hak5, MonkProtect is worthless.... litigation seems the only alternative to disgruntled customers... SAD day for Hak5

Hak5 are generally clear that if you are using reshipping, it's not their issue...Unless that has changed.

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I classify this as tough-love (I lost $407), I made a mistake and allowed a bad address to get past me, that is the original reason the shipment was sent to an invalid address (an address that was good 3 years ago, but not any longer). In a perfect online-purchase-and-delivery-world, mis-addressed packages are returned to sender, and re-shipment to the correct address is possible, in time. That perfect purchase-and-delivery-world depends on honesty, no malicious intent by anyone along the way, and I don't believe I have been the victim of malice, so far.  That is not to say that there are not pitfalls in this process, into which victims may inadvertently be trapped. When I placed that order I was in a hurry, because it seemed like there was a run on the shark-jacks, and I clicked through the address confirmation screen faster than I should have.... My Bad! Normally, when a package is delivered (and I have purchased thousands of products with hundreds of vendors) to an incorrect address, the package is returned-to-sender, and in time the vendor recovers the product and the client, me, has an opportunity to get it re-shipped with a corrected address. However, in this situation, the package never arrived at the destination address, according to the UPS Store staff. The shipping-vendor, OnTrack (I found out who the shipping-vendor was after receiving a shipping-notice), indicated that it was delivered, but no records at the UPS Store supported that declaration by OnTrack.  So, I contacted MonkProtect, since it seems that they insure this circumstance (package not delivered), and was approved to have a re-shipment: I presumed that there would be an opportunity to reconfirm the sipping address, this was another error, it seems, on my part.... and the re-shipment was sent to the same bad-address.

This time, I called the UPS Store and informed them that another package from OnTrack (likely) was due soon, and could they hold it for me?! This time, they said they did receive the package, and set it aside, but then it vanished! The analysis from the UPS-Store shift manager is that it was sent back to the sender via the shipping-vendor OnTrack; however the UPS Store had no actual documentation of the return. I did two things, [one] I contacted Hak5, and tried to get it sorted again, and asked for another re-shipment, and [two] I called OnTrack; but OnTrack said they had no record of a return-to-sender for the deliver-tracking number of the package. OnTrack also said that they do not accept return-to-sender shipments, since UPS is a competitor.  Then, I called the UPS-Store and gave the feed back that OnTrack has no record, and the UPS Store's next analysis was that the package was returned to UPS?! Yes, you heard that correctly, undeliverable packages that cannot be returned-to-sender via shipping-vendor, go to the UPS Hub. Now the UPS Store shift-manager has informed me that he will contact the UPS Hub and ask, for a search for my missing re-shipment.  My suspicion is that the first shipment too, the one they said they never received, was sent to UPS also, so one package worth $407 might be there (my original tough-love loss) and another work $407 (owed to Hak5, from re-shipment) might be there too.


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