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help with blat and stunnel?


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im working on a program that needs to send 1 file that will be in the same location (just in root of main drive)

i cant get blat and stunnel to work >< i worked on it for a while then i moved to vista and then i get so much trouble working with vb and anything

anyway im starting to work on it again, the best i have ever done with them is have blat send the message to my gmail but it will have errors when uploading the file

can someone help me? i just need an example of blat, stunnel and a batch file that will upload a file (c:dump.txt) to a gmail account

do i need to use the rar to compress and send? i would rather it was just a .txt

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Umm check the nmap payload (and others) in the switchblade

yeah i have been but its attaching the file wrong and im getting error messages in the blat prompt

the text file gets to gmail and info inside goes in the gmail like a message instead of getting attached in a file. i would rather it be like it is now but i dont like the error messages. s

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