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CTRL-ALT E Not working as intended


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Maybe I am missing something, but apologize if this was answered somewhere else.  I am trying to enroll a Chromebook in enterprise.  When signing in you can hit CTRL-ALT E to get to the Enterprise enrollment screen.  I have been doing this with the original Ducky for a few years now.  I received the new Ducky, however I seem to be having issue with CTRL-ALT E not working.  I copied my script for the original Ducky that I had been using into the the Hak5 PayloadStudio.  When I go to deploy it, everything works as intended until it comes time for "CTRL-ALT E".  At that point it doesn't seem to work.  Wondering if something changed for CTRL-ALT command in 3.0?  Or if anybody has any suggestions as to why I am having this issue.  "ALT-SHIFT S" works just fine.  Not sure the issue with the other combination.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  TY.

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