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To even have a slight chance to get some answers you need to be more verbose when it comes to TV model. Or, you could read the manual of the TV and perhaps get some information. Asking in some TV related forum is also probably better than to ask here. Apart from the Screen Crab, there isn't much TV related things going on linked to Hak5 gear.

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You're saying "campground", please clarify that a bit 🙂

As far as I know, you can't just plug an Alfa card into a TV, and magically have better reception from it's wifi, I doubt it will be compatible to the card.
But, where's your wifi coming from ?, from a phone, from a wifi network on the campsite ?

If it's a wifi network that's allready there, and you have poor signal due to distance and stuff, maybe a wifi-repeater could be the answer ?
The idea would be wifi -> repeater -> Alfa in a laptop -> laptop tv out -> TV input from laptop. 🙂


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Still a bit difficult to tell what options that are available not knowing the TV model. But, if it has an Ethernet port, I would probably skip the WiFi part on the TV side and obtain WiFi using some external device and then use an Ethernet cable to connect the TV to it all. "Nested" WiFi solutions is not always the most optimal thing. The mentioned "external device" would probably be a Raspberry Pi in my case. So, get an outdoor WiFi antenna. Connect it to a WiFi USB adapter on the Raspberry Pi. Then use the Ethernet port of the Raspberry Pi and connect it to the TV using an Ethernet cable. You can use dnsmasq to provide DHCP to the TV or simply just set a static IP since it's just one device (the TV) connecting to the Pi. I've been using (and use) this setup pretty often when there's a need for such a solution. It works without issues and is very reliable.

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