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Launching apps in Android


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I'm trying to launch the browser (Chrome) and email app (Gmail) on an Android device.  The challenge is that using  the following approaches, the target system pulls up Google assistant, rather than the target application.

Example attempted commands:



Intended script:  (delays omitted)


This is tested on Oneplus 10 (android 11), Most recent full ParanoidAndroid release (Android 10) and Samsung Note 6 (Android 12).  In all cases, the Google assistant pops up and interferes with the script.

I want to simply launch the email and browser applications without invoking any other Android tools. Has anyone been successful here?


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5 hours ago, dark_pyrro said:

If you try to connect a (true) keyboard to the phone, does the shortcuts work? What language are the phones configured for? English UI or something else?

Yes, using a standard Logitech wireless keyboard, the Windows/Super key shortcuts work just fine and I can perform the Duckyscript manually.  Everything in my setup and test systems is a US keyboard configuration.

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Android is a "broken family", so it depends. I tried now (not with the Ducky but with a keyboard) and GUI b worked on 3 out of 4 devices (1 Samsung, 1 Sony, 1 Nokia but not on 1 Motorola). GUI e worked on all of them. The result should be the same with the Ducky, so I didn't test that specifically. If you can't do it using a "real" keyboard, then I guess the problem isn't because of some issue with the Ducky. I would most likely try other possible key combos to see if it's anything else other than GUI b that opens the browser for those specific Android devices.

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Hi all, just got my new ducky in the mail and it is working like a charm. I am testing with some Android payloads that basically open the browser navigates to youtube an plays the video aka "Rick-roll" I got it to work on my Galaxy Note 20 Android 10 OS. My question is does someone have a full list of the usable commands for the Androids? I would like to create my own scripts but cannot find all the commands in one list. 


On another note wouldn't it be nice to have emulators for testing the scripts? Having to generate the payloads for every small change loading to the ducky and testing is time consuming lol... but fun I must confess.  


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It's telling that a quick Google search for "Android keyboard shortcuts" yields a 12 year old CNET article as the first result...

I recall at some point in my security research rabbit hole finding an official source, but a quick look is coming up short. As is the fragmented Android ecosystem. 

I'd link to the common articles that spell out the keyboard shortcuts various people "have found" — but you'll see them from the link above. If anyone comes across a more official list, I'd be keen to see them as well.

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