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Password Cracking


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Hello Everyone.

I have an interest in Password cracking. I am familiar with the concept of it, I just don't know where to begin. I have seen the rainbowcrack website and another, I just don't know exactly how to use this.

Does anyone have a good link/file that shows where I can start?


What kind of passwords are capable of being cracked?

That's all.

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By the way. I do notice that there is a sticky on the forums. I just can't access many of the links. It took me enough crap to get to this site from school. I do a lot of reading while I'm at school. Much of the reason why I'm asking


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I'm well aware passwords are capable of being cracked. I know how to do several windows ones. I couldn't do it entirely by myself though. I am asking for assitance?

What I meant by the question is:

Other than windows, what other passwords can be cracked.

Such as; web-based passwords, program passwords ( I guess what you would see on a videogame), etc.

Help please?

What's !vote lock too O_o

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Okay. To better define what I'm looking for:

How do I recieve hashes from different programs. I know the process beyond the hashes pretty well. How do you get someone's hash in the first place?

I am just wondering if someone has a link or reading material to help.

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