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I see mutiple radios but the software says no coconut found


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I know the documentation says both windows and Linux will use default drivers but to use the coconut tool instead. I use the coconut tool and all I see is the multiple NICS. BTW, is there a tool for Kali? On Kali I also see the multiple radios.

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So I am trying to use this on my WarPi. I install the drivers and I see the coconut using 

 kismet_cap_hak5_wifi_coconut --list

But when I run 

kismet -c coconut-2:name=WifiCoconut

kismet doesn't recognize the coconut but each individual radio. Ive reinstalled kismet nightly release to no avail. Anyone got ideas? Each individual radio works as a stand alone, just kind of annoying to enable each of them. Thanks!

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Did you install the kismet_cap_hak5_wifi_coconut tool as suid-root?  You either need to install it as suid-root, or you need to run all of kismet as root via `sudo`; it needs raw USB access to the radios & to tell the kernel to disconnect the existing kernel drivers.

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Not working for me either... i am logged in as root

chmod u+s /usr/bin/kismet_cap_hak5_wifi_coconut

kismet_cap_hak5_wifi_coconut --list
hak5wificoconut supported data sources:
    coconut-5 (Hak5 Wi-Fi Coconut)

kismet -c coconut-5:name=WifiCoconut


ERROR: Data source 'coconut-5:name=WifiCoconut' failed to launch: Unable
       to find driver for 'coconut-5:name=WifiCoconut'.  Make sure that
       any required plugins are loaded, the interface is available, and
       any required Kismet helper packages are installed.


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Interesting. So first an update for me. Come to find out my fist coconut was defective. My second one worked fine. I am awaiting the replacement of the first. Also I know that the instructions gave the impression that after you check the list of the coconut, you entered that as part of the command line, but I found that it looks like thats only  requirement if you are going to use more than one.

I simply do kismet -c coconut:name=WifiCoconut


What I am trying to figure out now is what plugins I could also add to the kismet.


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apt remove kismet* then try to install from the nightly.  I still had the Kali version installed when I tried the first time.  Also, I have only found one of my USB-A to USB-C cables to work reliably.  It’s a very short cable unfortunately. Still haven’t been able to get it working on my Pi400 or any Pi unless it has an external powered USB hub between the Coconut and the Pi. 

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