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Coconut Pineapple.


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Hi all, 
I was wondering if anyone has had any luck making a pineapple coconut yet?
Iv been trying to set this up all morning. 
Im using mk7 now on 2.1 and my coconut. 
The devices show under lsusb and Iv installed what I believe to be the correct drivers for the adapters, but no joy.
I was hoping to set up static channels per radio for listening and logging other SSID's rather than hopping, also capture all of the packets 🙂

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Update: I didnt install the correct drivers.
You want to install:
kmod-rt2800-usb    Ralink Drivers for RT2x00 cards (RT2870 USB)

from the Package manager in case anyone else comes into this issue 🙂

Native Drivers - WiFi Coconut (hak5.org)
If only I had have read the documentation first

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worth noting I am unable to build the software for the coconut on the pinapple as its based on OpenWRT and OpenWRT doesn't have cmake.
I'v installed make and automake and tried to change a few things to make it compile, but I have had no joy yet.
Anyone any idea's?

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You can build it for Openwrt, but you need to make a package file to do so, and set up an openwrt cross-build environment (OpenWRT doesn't really self-host compiling very well).

Generally I think your experience will be better running it on a PC - the amount of packets it may haul in is likely to overwhelm the mk7 - but we'll put making a coconut package on the list of things to do.

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