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SharkJack commands not found(HELP/LIST_PAYLOADS/etc)


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So this is going to be a dumb question, I just upgraded my SharkJack w/ cable to the latest firmware(using sharkjack.sh), when I run 'HELP' or any other commands, I get the issue:

/bin/ash: HELP: not found

I assume it's an issue with it not being bash, but not 100%. Can anyone assist me in figuring out what I could do to fix this?


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What did you upgrade to? As far as I know, there's no firmware available now that makes an upgrade relevant for the SJC. I'm pretty sure you've "succeeded" to install the 1.1.0 firmware that is to be used by the battery based SJ. Probably not your fault since there seem to be lacking support for the SJC in the sharkjack.sh script. You can check the current version by doing "cat /root/VERSION" to read the content of that file. If it's something else than 1.2.0 then you have the wrong firmware. The docs says that it's better to use the included commands/scripts when upgrading the SJC (rather than using sharkjack.sh), but not that it should be avoided totally. I'd suggest doing a firmware recovery.

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Yea that was the issue, it had me on v. 1.0.1 apparently. Upgraded to 1.2.0 without using Sharkjack.sh and it's all good now. I just assumed the bash file would work for it. No worries though. Thanks for the assist. I'm just dumb and forgot how to check the versions and such.

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