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Hey guys, 

So I've recently came across a device that has a particular scenario I've never seen before, and was hoping someone would know a proper direction for me to go in. I have an Android 4.2 (yeah, ancient) but brand new. The boot.img has been altered by the manufacturer to have adb removed, so adb isn't an option. The device opens but the settings are not accessible even after factory data reset, nor can I install to it. The only thing I have is the fact that WiFi does come on and I can have it connect to my hotspot. USB also is not available. I've recently found that this particular device has multiple exploitable vulnerabilities in regards to the WiFi driver. Now I'm not new to the command injection when it comes to metasploit and Android. However, I'll admit when I'm outta my league... And this is a bit beyond me. Does anyone know how I can ( without installing an apk) inject shellcode via a P2P connection to acquire privilege escalation?? 

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