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Bash bunny doesn't work !


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The default for both of these are RNDIS network,  it should be showing up as a network jack on your windows machine with an IP of . Try to  PING, when that works download PUTTY and make a SSH connection to the same address. default login is User: root, PW: hak5bunny. (NO PERIOD or COMMA) you should see some nice ascii art when you connect. welcome to to the Debian terminal in the BB.

If you are on a Mac the process is a bit different. you'll need to use terminal and >%  ping -c 2 and >% ssh root@ 

it's a whole lot easier to use Switch 3(arming mode, closest to the USB) and config the Payloads to help you out before playing in the terminal.  but have fun, I'm playing with mine tonight too.



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Not mandatory to put any micro SD card in since the storage is transparent to the Bunny. Either you use the internal storage or a micro SD card, it will mount it to the target if the correct attackmode is used. If there's a micro SD card, it will be mounted to the target. If there's no micro SD card, the internal storage device will be mounted to the target.

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Now, my young student, I think Tutor Pyrro is meaning, what payload are you trying to run (POST IT HERE, source code only !).
What device are your targeting, what keyboard layout ? What do you expect to be in the loot folder, that isn't there ?

There's a lot of places where it can go wrong, and without you being more specific, it's hard to try to help you in any right direction.

Payload files should go in switch1 / switch2 folder, and set it to the correct switch position before plugging in the Bunny.

The loot folder only comes into play in some special payloads, that steals credentials or files, so if the payload script isn't doing that, or set correctly, the loot folder is going to be empty.

Consider the included payloads as examples to learn from, it's not a plug-play-pwn solution. It's a development platform for making your own HID payloads.


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