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Randomly Logs out - 2.1.0 Beta 1 release


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Updated the firmware a few days ago without issue. I went through adding all available modules and installed all required dependencies. Everyday since update, I return to the Firefox browser login screen as if I’m logged out. It’s happening seemingly at random intervals, and I log back in to find the Recon Scan has stopped. I’ve attempted to find anything in Settings but nothing there to assist. I’ve also enabled the Activity Log but after reviewing them thoroughly, I’m at a loss.

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I'd be less inclined to install all the modules.  I noticed in 2.0 things really went south after that -- so I've been hesitant. Try adding only what you need (I'd be curious what that is, considering the available list). Perhaps slowly add what you need one by one and test after each addition.

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I’m using the same power sup as the previous firmware revisions stable, 2.0.0, and now 2.1.0. It will be in Recon mode scanning both 2.4\5.0 GHz and will randomly log out. Once logged back in, I navigate back to the scan tab and it has stopped the scan. PineAP logs don’t record any log data indicating shutdown, restart, or log out. All other functionality seems unaffected but I’ve noticed that handshake captures are a little slower than 2.0.0.

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