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[Help]Cannot reach Pineapple for Recovery


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Hi there,

i want to factory reset my pineapple mk 7 but I can’t connect to !?!?

I followed the steps in the doc without success… what am I doing wrong ?

Static IP for Pineapples interface, netmask, gateway, DNS

then hold reset while applying power…

the LED turned red…

now I open the browser and go to…

am I missing something? 

is there a option to flash via UART ? 

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Yeah, the docs are confusing. It's the interface that's connected to the Pineapple that should be set to If accessing the Pineapple on doesn't work, let us know.

As for UART, that is considered a legacy feature and is not part of the Mark VII.

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If the Mark VII shows a red LED (indicating that it is in recovery mode), there should be no problem reaching the recovery web UI at Try using some other device. Also try different USB cables. Make sure that the Pineapple gets enough power (should normally not be an issue). Try different browsers as well.

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