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My hack bunny was inserted wrong at angle but still works


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ok this is embarrassing on my first day,. My dad has loose USB front ports on his desktop. I bend down at an angle and hit the outlet sideways. My computer makes it so I have to push hard to get bashbunny in so I did the same with my father's... The surge warning came on


  I got a USB surge warning on his windows 11. His port no longer works. At first my bash bunny didn't work but upon reset it works. It does everything normally it just says there's something wrong with the USB I plugged in before it does it's attacks.




What should I do? Should I change the USB head out or program something? 

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Well, you don't need to create 2 forum accounts to post the same question.

What attackmodes are you using in the payload you are using? What does the message/warning look like (the one that shows before the attacks when the Bunny is plugged in)? A screenshot is preferred.

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