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1. We would like to know how the "teams" license for 5 users operates.
2. Can we use it on multiple client sites?
3. If  Silver: 5 users, 5 sites, 50 devices - does this mean that each user/site can access 50 devices each?
4. Is C2 bundled along with wifi pineapple for this 5-user license? Can it be deployed anywhere globally and monitored elsewhere?
5. For this "PROFESSIONAL - INDIVIDUAL PEN TESTERS" is this product scalable to more than 50 devices, if required?

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These questions is better to post in the Cloud C2 section of the forums. However, because of the nature of the questions, I would suggest to submit a ticket to the official support to get the official answer. Since this is a community forum, there's no guarantee that any Hak5 official will monitor the forums and see the question.

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