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[RELEASE][BETA] WiFi Pineapple 2.1.0 Beta


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Hello all!

The WiFi Pineapple 2.1.0 Beta 1 release is ready for testing!  This release has a number of bug fixes and performance boosts over 2.0.0, and a few new features, too.

You can join the beta program by going to Settings -> Advanced -> Alternative Updates and selecting the Beta channel on your WiFi Pineapple, and you can then get the update by checking for updates normally in the Settings page!

2.1.0 Beta 1 includes:

  • UI
    • Fixed naming of SSID impersonation checkbox
    • Fixed display problems in advanced settings
    • Fixed CPU percentage (Enterprise)
    • Fixed client display for Evil WPA clients
    • Fixed client count for Evil WPA clients
  • PineAP
    • Add option for source randomization for impersonated APs
  • Recon
    • Significantly improved performance of recon in crowded environments
    • New recon access point and client views offering better visibility and significantly improved performance
    • Fixed cloning an Enterprise AP
  • Wifi
    • Fixed kicking clients off Evil WPA


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What a difference! Much more stability (stayed up and bug free for days) -- recon won't last that long, seems to not like constant recons, so it's still a bit of a stretch if you want this to detect rogue APs in real time over a couple of weeks (client request).

Pcaps are again downloadable from the console - so that's a nice comeback feature. Clients nested under APs also appears to have been sorted. OpanAP is a bit slow from the victim perspective, but I get it. Much more to test, but definitely build off this release and burn the prior!

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