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Lost Password - Reset Doesn't Appear to Work


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Hi folks,

I bought a tetra 2nd hand, and it boots to the web UI fine, but the password has been changed and I don't know it.  I can get to the SSH login but it also needs a password.

I tried "change_on_install", "hak5pineapple", and the top 2500 most common passwords - no luck.

I haven't had any luck resetting it:

  • Holding the reset button for more than 15 seconds - the amber light comes on and stays on, but the password doesn't reset 
  • Powering off, then powering back on while holding the reset button for 10 seconds - same behaviour with the light 
  • There are no dip switches on my unit, so I can't reset that way

I'm pressing the button beside the power jack - on the top right of the unit relative to the pineapple logo - assuming this is the correct reset button?  

Any assistance would be immensely appreciated! 


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Have you consulted the documentation? Pressing more than 15 seconds isn't a number that corresponds with the specified time for different reset scenarios.



The reset button should be the one you refer to.


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