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Screen Crab can't add / finde new Device


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i need your help, my Screen Crab.

But i have problems to add the the device in Hak5 Cloud2.

Cloud2 don't find my Crab. But in my Accesspoint i see the Crab.

In Hak5 Board i found some postings but not a solution.

What make it wrong?

Thank you

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Tell more about the steps you have made when trying to connect the Crab to C2.

- Are you running the C2 server in a way that it is possible to access it from the internet or just locally?

- Did you download the device.config file from the C2 server and transferred it to the Crab in the correct location?

- Is the hostname or IP address of the C2 server visible in the device.config file?

- Is the Crab your first Hak5 device that you connect to your C2 server or do you have other Hak5 devices that you have successfully added to C2?

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Thank you for your Message

Follow steps 

Make with my second Notebook a Hotspot with

WIFI_SSID ms15wlan
WIFI_PASS Hab!b!47110815

Connect my Notebook with PowerShell App with this HotSpot
Notebook connected with IP

1.    Format SC Card with ExtFat (16Gb MicroCard)
2.    Put in ScreenSCrab (Without Energy)
3.    Connect with Energy
4.    Wait for green light
5.    Remove Card put in my PC and Add WLAN and Passwort

WIFI_SSID ms15wlan
WIFI_PASS Hab!b!47110815

6.    Make Screen Crab without Entergy
7.    Put Card in SreenCrab
8.    Wait
9.    Nothing happend

Yesterday a make this with my Home AccessPoint, ScreenCrab connectet
But not with my open HotSpot with the Another HotSpot

What make it wrong?

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Ok new success

i forget to configurate Band with 2.4 GHZ on my hotsport both devices now are avaible.

i start powershell with this command

c2-3.2.0_amd64_windows.exe -hostname

the ip adress saw i on my second hotspot list

i go to interface of hak5 cloud2 in my browser

i add new device

this file copy in root of my sd card

i start hak5 screen craber new

but i cant see my screencraber in my browser

it shows uptime Last Seen Never

this problem had a with my home Accesspoint

i can't see the device that i added in

what can i do??




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ok i have the solution

i have add the wrong ip

i add the ip fo my screen crab but i must add the ip adress of my client which runs powershell

 ican see the acutally screen scrabs with jpg

how can i see with stream?


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The definition of "streaming" is quite broad here. It doesn't support streaming in it's usual meaning. It "streams" screenshots or shorter video captures (up to 180 seconds limited by screenrecorder) to a C2 server (or stored locally). If you want to make it stream live like a webcam (or such) you need to tweak the Crab using ffmpeg or some other software that allows live streaming. However, to start that journey you need to open the Crab to get access to the hardware serial connector and that voids warranty.

Some previous answers on the subject on the forums:



I've been playing around with the Crab "under the hood" since some time now and you really need to know a good portion of Linux/Android to get things working properly. If you don't, then I wouldn't advise moving further into trying to change the Crab. There's no documented restore procedure either like there is for other Hak5 products, so it can be a challenge to go back to "square one" if you mess things up.

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