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Using Whatsapp anonymously


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I saw WhatsApp dialer on hacker news recently and wondered recently if it would be possible to set up a router like service for WhatsApp. Kind of like Ciphr.


Not looking to do anything illegal, just a way to minimize meta's data collection. For example, you send a message from WhatsApp on your phone and its go to a labtop set up with the router/relay and then the message goes to the target. This would this stop meta from tracking movements, metadata, etc. Meta would still know the contents of the message and to who sent it / read it but using WhatsApp that's to be excepted. Also if this is possible their are a number of other things that you could do. Any thoughts?

Are their any other WhatsApp websites/apps that are worth looking into?

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you.

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It's quite simple really. Get yourself a Google Pixel phone, install GrapheneOS, signal / some private jabber server, with video and voice,use the data from a prepaid card, and you're pretty secure, the Open source way 😉


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