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How to release the Cloud C2 from instance?


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My previous Amazon's AWS virtual server was deleted for numerous problems. I need to release the Cloud C2 from this instance, but don't know how.

Now, I want to add the Cloud C2 to Linode's server instance, but the Cloud C2 is still attached to the Amazon's AWS.

I have looked in different parts of Hak5's forum, but with no avail. I have even looked elsewjere, but nothing. Maybe I missed a forum.

I will great appreciate anyone tjat can assist.

Thank you in advance.

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So, you have no backup at all of the files from the now deleted AWS VPS? If you had the db file, you could copy/move it to the Linode instance. I guess you should create a support ticket and see if it's possible to remove the "link" between the license key and the setup token (that perhaps is used on the Hak5 side to verify that the license is valid). If you have deleted all the files on the AWS instance, then it's not an option to try to recover anything. However, I'm pretty sure I did some lab/experimenting when first setting up C2 and as I remember it. It was just to reinstall C2 without having to bother of "detaching" anything first. I might be wrong though since you obviously have tried to install it in a new instance without succeeding.

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No, I don't any backup files. Sorry, but I am new to Cloud C2 and VPS. I will take your recommendation to reinstall a new Cloud C2 software. I will update on the post. Maybe my experience will help others in the future. 

Thank you very much for taken the time to help. It was very graceful of you.

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