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Still good device?


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Hello all, 

Been helping one of my co-works on moving and he happen to find a Pineapple NaNo he thought he lost. I look on Hak5 site and they no longer sell it. is the device still good on using it? 

I notice there's not a lot of programs to run on it since it's discontinue. I was thinking of upgrading the firmware but it it worth it?  

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Is it still good? That all depends on what you compare it to. The Nano didn't all of a sudden become a brick just because it reached EOL so it's still a working product, although a bit limited since there are no updates or active development for it (either in-house or in the community). The GitHub repo and the docs are still there, so things are still available to use. Some stuff is obsolete though but that is more related to a constantly developing security scene rather than the fact that the Pineapple has turned into junk in some way. You can upgrade the firmware up until the version that is available for the Nano. Beyond that, you need to build your own version of OpenWrt (or any other type of OS that might run on that hardware platform), but you will most likely not be able to get any Pineapple features or UI when doing that.

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Thank you for the feedback. I was thinking of getting the Mark 5 basic one but since I work from home I don't get out much not like before. 

Now the new version there must be a lot of new features and continue support even when a new version comes out right? 

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The Mark 5 is even more discontinued than the Nano, so getting that device is probably not a good choice (if even possible to get as a used item).

Not sure what you refer to in the second sentence, but there are new features with the Mark VII (although a lot of complaining from some users that there are "too few" modules available, however, that's most often baseless complaints for different reasons). If you want a supported Pineapple today, the Mark VII is the Pineapple to buy.

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