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Adapter & Directional Cable with Keylogger


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Testing out the Directional O.MG CableO.MG Adapter with Keylogger.

Running the latest firmware on both Backend: v2.0.220621 Frontend: v2.5-220719, windows 10 on chrome and firefox.

Directional O.MG Cable: everything is working as expected payloads, mouse movement and Keylogging.

O.MG Adapter: payloads and mouse movement are working but not the Keylogging I am using the same keyboard on both devices (Logitech). Is there a different way to set up the Keylogger on the O.MG Adapter then the Directional O.MG Cable?


Thanks to O.MG team👍

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I'm assuming the O.MG Adapter works the same way as the Directional O.MG Cable with key logging ability. As for grab things like browser info, session keys, etc... would need to build a payload to do things like that.

Are you able to key log with your O.MG Adapter?

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