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Cannot access Pineapple MK7 UI on desktop, but can on iPhone Safari.


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Hello Everyone. I have recently bought the Wifi Pineapple MK7. I followed the instructions from the Hak5 documentation to set up my new Pineapple but I am unable to access the UI on Google Chrome while on Windows 10. I flashed the pineapple using the latest firmware vis the USB method thinking that would solve it but it has not. I can see the "Pineapple_xxxx" network show up and I am able to connect to it but when I browse to HTTP://172.42.1:1471 I am presented with "This site cannot be reached. 172.42.1:1471 took too long to respond." I get this both from Chrome and Edge.

However, when I browse to the IP address on my iPhone, it loads up the Welcome page and I can begin set up. The issue is that I get all the way to setting up the Managed and Open networks, looks like it saves, and then reboots and presents the "Pineapple_xxxx" network. The blue LED is perpetually blinking. Any ideas? Thank you Hak5 community.

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