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Jackalope Payload Questions!

Fuck this

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Hi I’m new here and just got a bash bunny and was wondering So say hypothetically if I had millions of passwords and username combos how long would it take the bash bunny to filter through them all and get me a password? That is assuming I have the correct info.
just wondering if it’s practical to use or not. What is the estimated time it’s take to crack it? Does it depend on network speed? Does it have to be hooked up to the internet at all? Thanks In advance for your time and keep on keeping on HAK 5 Team!

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Do you know what you bought at all ?

The BB doesn't depend on internet, it's a computer on a stick, and no, it doesn't need to be hooked up to the internet, it cant be.
So, try to look into payloads that dump creds into storage mode, and ways to exfill passwords/usernames from the target platform, using the keyboard.
The BB is just an automated keyboard and then some, so you would need to get creative, and find a way, but doing what you ask here, no, it doesn't have that much power.
Going through millions of user/pass combos is best done on a powerfull workstation offline..

Much Happy cracking 🙂


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