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Starting from scratch with the MK7


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Hello group. 

I have had the Pineapple MK7 for over a year now. 
Sadly, Im barely better at using it now than when I started. 

The thing is, I don’t really know how to use it…how to set it up and make the features work. What it can do and the capabilities. 

I understand 9th bulk of you probably never started with a Pineapple, but I am. 

I really would like to get proficient with it  

The question is are there any good tutorials or videos that exist that really concentrate on teaching a beginner from scratch on how to really USE the Pineapple?

I’ve seen plenty of the  “unboxing and setup” type videos. 

admittedly, Im a little disappointed there is not an “academy” or “learning” type section where true noobs can learn. 

thanks in advance!

Ron - Canada

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The documentation is for sure a place to start. Especially the sections "UI Overview" and "WiFi Basics".


Apart from that it's almost mandatory to learn basics that are related to the Pineapple, like; Linux/OpenWrt, scripting basics (bash mainly), programming (for example Python) and networking (at least wireless but also protocol basics, etc, etc). That way you will get most out of the product. There are numerous resources available online. If you want to stay with the Hak5 resources, Shannon made a lot of "101" and "201" HakTip videos over the years that covers a lot of basics (not Pineapple specific). Just scroll the Hak5 videos on YT and look for them. To get proficient, a lot of hard work is needed and it takes time.

This video by Darren is for the previous generation of Pineapples, but despite that, it covers some Pineapple basics that are still valid (although the web UI is different).



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On 7/16/2022 at 3:56 PM, dark_pyrro said:

The documentation is for sure a place to start. Especially the sections "UI Overview" and "WiFi Basics".



Just my two cent but these docs are very sparse. They can be read in about 10 mins and don't give anywhere near the detail required to actually use the product in a meaningful way. The campaign entry for example has two parts, and it doesn't even go into any level of detail for what is, apparently, a core feature of the Pineapple. I get it, I'm a dev myself, no one wants to write documentation but they should be written from a ELI5 viewpoint, not from someone that has built the product themselves, or assumes that every video has been watched.

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I have had success with searching the forums whenever I ran into a bug or feature that I couldn't figure out or find in the docs and videos. It's not the best, but ask for steps on whatever you're trying to do. Unfortunately, most of the modules have been removed, so there is a heavier dependence on OpenWRT CLI tools. 

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