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"FLASH ERROR" after upgrading WiFi Pineapple Mark VII to firmware version 2.0.0-stable


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after having received my WiFi Pineapple MK7 today, I was really excited and started to play with it by connecting it to my linux PC.

I updated the device to firmware Version 2.0.0-stable. After the update process, the Pineapple took a while, before it eventually had a solid red light. In the browser, 

By performing the recovery of flashing the recovery image followed by flashing firmware v.2.0.0-stable, I ended up with the same situation.

After a few more tries, I flashed Version 1.1.1 after flashing the recovery image. This Version seems to work without problems and no "Flash error" message appears. 

Upgrading to version 2.0.0  via web-interface again brought me to the "flash error" message.

What temporarily worked was flashing the downloaded firmware 2.0.0 image file via file-upload after having flashed the recovery image. This time, I was able to perform some tests and everything seemed to work. After a reboot, the "flash error" message came up again.

This really is an exhausting time-waste. Does anyone else also experience these issues?


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Update: The reason for the continuous failure was my power supply. 

As I used the USB ethernet interface in order to flash configure my device, my computer's USB seemed to be unable to provide the required voltage for the board to work properly. It must have been close to the required voltage, though. That's why it sometimes worked and sometimes did not.

Now I am using a suitable PD device for powering the mk7 and it all works.


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