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How to use wifi pineapple mk7 via command line? (SSH connection)


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So I'm looking for resources on how to use MK7 via command line. Mainly because MK7 terminal commands are not familiar to me. As its mostly based on openWrt but not everithing works like openWrt. I have some experiance from using command lines on linux distros but it dosent seem to translate much to mk7, might be just me not quite getting it but I want to see if i can sqeeze out even more out of wifi pineapple mk7 via command line etc.

Thank you for your time and an potential resources.

Kind regards.

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OpenWrt isn't that far from "ordinary" Linux, but, it's of course not 1-to-1. Not that difficult to learn the differences though.

If you want to learn more about OpenWrt specifically, then I'd suggest to visit the OpenWrt web site to learn some more of the basics.

When it comes to Mark VII specific CLI functionality, start with pineap (run: "pineap help" for options). I would start learning the Pineapple functionality using the web UI first though and then transfer that knowledge to the CLI.

This is for the previous generation of Pineapples, but still more or less valid info.



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