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installing 2.0 update but NO alternating blue/red led for flashing firmware????

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trying to update my pvii with the new improved 2.0 ( nice work everyone). but not having much luck. 

I'm connected to the pvii using the USB c  on linux mint 20.2 and using the web browser to go to 

Logged in and hooked the pi up to a wireless ap.

check the connection by looking at the latest news. This all works fine.

I go to software settings / update and click on the button. I get the

Your WiFi Pineapple is updating to 2.0.0-stable.

The page will automatically refresh when the update is complete.

and the progress indicator which has been going for 4 hours now. The wifi connection is 100mb /s d/l

BUT what I don't get is the blue/red flashing firmware led indicator!!!!   the light just stays blue.   How do I know it's doing something please?

ALSO how long should this take?  


thanks for ANY help.





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45 minutes ago, iaintshootinmis said:

@DramaKing wish I'd saw this about...15 minutes ago. Same situation. Started auto-update from inside the pineapple dashboard. 


Got the red and blue flashing, now eternal flashing blue. Can't get a dashboard when I connect to the new default SSID.


Unplugging and replugging just takes me back to the blue fast flashing LED of eternium

This resolved after a few unplugs and letting it sit plugged in for a half hour~ with no interruptions. 

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@jholbrookftl   was kind enough to sort this out for me using the below. All hail @jholbrookftl a good person in a storm.




I have been stuck in the loop before. I believe the only way I was able to get out of it was to download the firmware and update it over the cable. I believe I had an wireless AC adapter in it that I took out for the update as well. 

Firmware is here:


Update instructions here:


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