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Is it possible to Brick Your Pineapple7?


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Hey Everyone,

I have left my Pineapple for a couple months now and recently came back to it, plugged it in and nothing really happened, so I tried the recovery firmware, now the light just goes blue then it seems like it dies. I trie holding the power button when connecting it and it flashed red 3 times correctly, then just stops and my mac doesn't show it is connected in any state.

Hypothetically, talk to me like I am a 6 year old because this Pineapple thing has puzzled me for a while. I normally just use Kali with some upgraded antennas.

I am running MacOs Monterey V12.4, I only have USB-C adapters and I would like to save my Pineapple. How do I do it? (if totally necessary I do have a PC available and Kali machine set up on an Intel NUC)


Please help me save this Pineapple!! I just bought the 5gh adapter, so I would really love to put this back into my arsenal. 

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On 7/13/2022 at 8:57 PM, Rms44 said:

Did you ever figure this out ?

Hey Bud, I did figure it out. dark_pyrro was right, unfortunately. If you want to get it back in action on a mac, it would seem you have to know the setup to add a new connection, but the connection never shows up when you plug and power. 


My fix, I have a Kali Linux "Bare Metal" machine that I plugged it into with a male usb-c to male usb-3.0 cord. I initially set it up as Eth2, then when everything was reset and connected again, it registered at Ethusb or something like that.

Long story short, Linux is once again the answer.

Best of luck!

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