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handshake_capture_ ?

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howdy peep'z


look'n at getting a little help, when am trying to run at handshake capture via terminal, over c2 . am not getting any luck on actually capturing them . well attest i don't think so. i've look all over /etc and /tmp just  looking thinking  maybe they got placed somewhere other then the handshake folder.

below is the code am inputting

root@mk7:~# pineap handshake_capture_start
root@mk7:~# pineap handshake_capture_start Walkinfaith 1
root@mk7:~# pineap get_status
{ "bssid": "00:00:00:00:00:00",
   "captureRunning": true,
   "scanRunning": false}


should the  bssid reflect the capture bssid that i put as a trigger/ 


or am i just doing this all wrong?


i've started it and walk away for a hour or so and nothing.






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