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[RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple 2.0.0


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The 2.0.0 release for the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII is here!

This is a major update, which includes a new Linux kernel, new OpenWRT base, dramatic increases to speed and stability of the WiFi Pineapple, a new PineAPd user interface, new Cloud C2 features, automatic continual handshake capture, WPA3 detection, and plenty of additional stability and feature enhancements.

To go along with the WiFi Pineapple release, a new version of the Cloud C2 server is available, with support for the new Recon reports and the new UI tunnel mode.

As always, you can grab the update OTA by giving your WiFi Pineapple an internet connection and navigating to Settings -> Software Update in the Web UI.

This major release includes:

  • Campaigns
    • Revamped and expanded campaign system
    • Allow scheduling and launching campaigns directly from the UI
    • Include handshakes and enterprise credentials in campaign reports
    • Include WPA3, MFP, and other advanced encryption in campaign reports
    • Generate JSON data from campaigns
  • Cloud C2
    • Ability to bypass the Cloud C2 notice to perform additional configuration
    • Cloud C2 client updates for WPA3 and other new encryption standards
    • Support Cloud C2 UI tunnel mode to access the complete UI of your WiFi Pineapple from anywhere, via your Cloud C2 server
    • Optimized Cloud C2 client
  • General
    • Updated base OS to OpenWRT 21.02.1
    • Updated from Linux kernel 4.14.180 to 5.4.154
    • Updated the Python Pineapple API
    • Updated HostAPd
    • Updated the OUI database
  • Logs
    • Logs moved to non-volatile storage by default in /root
    • New paginated log viewer interface for significant UI speed gains
    • New server-side searching and filtering of logs
  • Networking
    • Complete configuration UI for supported USB Ethernet devices
    • Allow setting device hostname in Settings...Advanced
    • Ability to set custom MAC addresses for Management, Open, and Evil networks
    • Embedded reverse proxy server for module enhancement
  • Packages
    • Include OpenWRT 21.02 community feeds and Hak5 2.0.0 feeds
  • PineAPd
    • New PineAP experience - improved behavior, features, and UI
    • Passive handshake capture during recon scans
  • Recon
    • Increase overall performance and stability of PineAPd Recon backend
    • Optimize recon and deauthentication performance
    • Show relative times for detected networks when the WiFi Pineapple system time is not set correctly
    • Add detection for WPA3 Access Points
    • Add detection for newer 802.11 authentication suites
    • Add a new tagged parameter view for Access Points
      • View the tagged parameters and their hexadecimal values for a given Access Point
    • Add MFP / 802.11w detection and display
    • Detect and alert on MFP protected Access Points when doing a Deauthentication
    • Add a security summary view for Access Points
      • View the security settings of an Access Point and a summary of overall security quality
    • Implement an Auto Handshake Capture mode
      • Passive capture of any handshake seen while Recon is running
    • New Handshake view with client MAC and message counts
  • Security
    • Allow restricting the management interface to wired and management networks only (under Settings...Advanced)
    • Network keys are now redacted from a generated debug log
  • Setup
    • Revamp the setup wizard to only require a physical button press when configuring via wireless
    • Improved the dynamic layout of the Setup wizard
    • Include additional diagnostics during setup
  • System
    • Allow upgrading the firmware with a local update file directly from the Settings UI
    • Detect mis-flashed units and communicate fixes to the user
    • Tweak back-end server networking to address issues with some ISPs
    • Pre-compressed UI data to greatly increase initial UI load speeds
  • UI
    • Improve organization of UI in general
    • Include documentation links for all major UI components
    • Extend login token timeout to handle NTP resetting the system time, you'll no longer be logged out as soon as the time jumps into the future
    • Improve censorship mode to blank more of the MAC address and all of the OUI string
    • Censor interface MAC addresses on the networking setup page
    • Enable Cloud C2 UI bypass mode

As always a HUGE thanks to all who helped in the beta testing process!  If you're in the beta channel, the 2.0.0 release will be available as an update, or you can switch back to the stable channel.

Screenshot from 2022-05-03 10-32-37.png

Screenshot from 2022-05-03 14-26-45.png

Screenshot from 2022-05-03 10-24-30.png

Screenshot from 2022-05-03 10-23-05.png

Screenshot from 2022-06-10 10-55-58.png

Screenshot from 2022-06-08 15-04-24.png

Screenshot from 2022-06-10 13-36-07.png

Screenshot from 2022-06-10 10-43-06.png

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Great to see v2.0 is coming out. However I still find it super disappointed that when having an old model, Pineapple Tetra the software version is not optional. 
Europeans pay already a huge amount on the Hak5 gear, the shipping costs & declaration costs. So huge disappointment v2.0 is not available for the WiFi PineApple Tetra.
Please make the v2.0 available for older models too such as the WiFi Pineapple Tetra.  

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I am having issues upgrading to the 2.0 stable firmware. I currently have version 1.1.1 stable installed. When attempting to do the 2.0 update OTA in the settings tab, my pineapple will flash red and blue for some time (expected) then the LED turns completely off. I have attempted to do the firmware update directly with wireless turned off with the file upload from the 2.0 stable release on the downloads page. Similar issue happens. It will flash red and blue for a while then go through the reboot cycle. After 20 min or so it will just get stuck flashing blue and be unreachable.


I have gone through the recovery process attempting the 2.0 update 3 times with no success. On my 4th attempt I manually updated from recovery back to 1.1.1 and everything works as intended.


Is anyone else having issues like this or am I potentially doing something wrong?



Windows 10 PC

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On 7/12/2022 at 1:21 AM, zevenzin said:

Is there a resource I can reference for the pineapple hardware lifecycle?

I say this with a lot of respect for Hak5, and as the owner of a lot of their gear, but expecting any long term support for their hardware is misplaced trust. Generally it's a year or two of support, some improvements and then radio silence. Even the Mk7, which I deliberately waited quite some time to purchase, is without a question quite buggy. I'm installing this firmware as I type this, having been on the beta 2.0 for a while, and I'm fully expecting it not to work correctly. 


As expected:

- run the update and the device is fully reset and needs a full set up from scratch. Except the updating message says the page will refresh when the update is complete, indicating that this isn't the case. This is minor but it goes to show the lack of attention to detail that I've come to expect.

- Last seen is 245 days ago for a scan that just ran.

- Sorting by signal (or other metric) is removed each time a scan is completed

- The scan toggle switch still doesn't make any sense e.g. 30 seconds, 1 min etc. What does this mean? Is it enabling a scan for that lenght of time? Or does it scan ever 30 seconds, 1 minute etc?

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Can we call Terminix on this one?  So many bugs.  I upgraded to the latest and greatest to hopefully alleviate these ... new bugs!  Web shell super intermittent and I can no longer download .pcaps from the GUI as before (there's no option).  Sooooo, when's the next release?  I'd like to use these for client engagements but it's not even close to being ready for prime time.  It's a cute toy atm, though.  Gets a lot of questions.  Unfortunately my answers always end with ... you're better off with Kali and an Alpha, so disappointing.

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