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Pineapple + VMWare/Kali Linux + Hashcat


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New to using the WiFi pineapple and need to know the proper workflow for using the pineapple with Kali in a VM and Hashcat. My current workflow is to access the pineapple on my laptop OS and capture handshakes. I download the Hashcat file to my computer. I then open my VM and start Kali Linux. I copy the Hashcat handshake file to a folder in Kali Linux. I open the command line and run Hashcat ex. hashcat -a 0 -m 22000 hash.txt rockyou.txt

When I try this, I get a message saying no hashes found. Not sure if I should be doing this a better way. Should I be running the whole process in Kali? Accessing the pineapple through the browser in Kali? Is there a specific location to save the hash file so it can be used in Hashcat?

Any guidance on this will be greatly appreciated  


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As I have not used a Pineapple / Hashcat for years I cannot recall if the capture file the Pineapple produces is in a suitable format for Hashcat (HCCAPX). If it is not Hashcat Utils includes a tool to convert CAP files to HCCAPX files (CAP2HCCAPX). Kali may actually have this already installed.

Also, IIRC, -m 2500 was for a handshake capture and `-m 16800` for a PMKID capture.

As I said, it is a long time since I last used a Pineapple and Hashcat so I am not sure that this all still applies with the latest versions of both.

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@dark_pyrroI figured since I was treading on the fine line of this being a pineapple question, I would ask it here so the pineapple police didn't call me out again. Also didn't know if i could get a more definitive answer on where and how to save the hash file to be used in hashcat. I'm still unsure where/how to do that.

@aethernaut The pineapple provides pcap and hashcat 22000 file types when capturing the handshakes. I've been told that I needed to use -m 22000 when using the hashcat file. I did try is once as sudo hashcat -a 0 -m 0 hash.txt rockyou.txt and I was able to get  two possible passwords but they were not correct.


This has me stumped and it could be something very simple that I am going wrong. I'm no expert, just a newbie trying to learn.

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