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Not Sending Email Reports - Pineapple Mark VII


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Created a campaign and enabled email reporting to report an email every 5 minutes. It creates the report internally but does not email it out.

From: Myemail@gmail.com

To: Myemail@gmail.com

SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com

SMTP Port: 587

Domain: gmail.com

Username: Myemail@gmail.com

Password: Myemail

Use TLS: Checked

Use STAETTLS: Checked

Not really sure what is causing it to not send emails


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On 6/24/2022 at 2:46 PM, dark_pyrro said:

And you have made sure to enable Less Secure Apps on the Google account that is used? It also has changed from the end of May to be more strict on how to use that feature.


This is the answer but not sure I'd want reports going over email in clear text when you can download the report from the pineapple and send it more securely.

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I'm thousands of kilometers away from my Pineapple right now, but I guess it's possible to use some kind of encryption on the Pineapple, like gpg and script it all to encrypt using a public key and then decrypt it when it arrives. However, that needs to be implemented in the campaign procedure in that case. Otherwise it needs to be taken care of using some homebrew solution.

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