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Vista ends u3


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sorry english isnt my main language =/ but im getting good at it

so i buy the new windows vista premium 64bit ed. finding out the hard way that vista cant run most programs before windows xp (nero 7, visual studio, api guide) etc etc etc.... also i love it how it will popup with messages saying basically"this program has known problems with vista and we wont allow you to run it".

so then i think of my u3 drives with yummy keyloggers/computer locks/password dumpers i made n a million other fun programs that dont get detected by any antivirus.....

vista will detect the flash drive partition but wont let the fake cd-rom install and it can tell its a fake cd rom. i couldnt access it no matter what.... so i looked online. numerous sites online are saying that vista wont use the cd rom on u3 drives/its too insecure.

i tried my legit u3 drive with the launchpad and still nothing

drives i tried:

1gig sandisk microcruzer (black with horrid amber led)

PNY 1gig u3 drive

if anyone finds ways to fix this or sites that say otherwise(plz include url)

or an update for the drives plz add it in ur reply.

also whats the location of the user startup, general startup and can i still write programs to general startup on the registry?

(havent had much time to look around saying im still trying to get my programs working)

also how to get everything to run silently? vista has a lot of user questions when running programs

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just read this and didnt try it yet'


. Will U3 work on Windows Vista?

The good news is that U3 launchpad version 1.4 and higher supports Vista. The bad news is that the update can only be obtained from the U3 drive manufacturers. If they are slow at adopting the new U3 core, then you will have wait longer or perhaps just get a new drive instead. There are more complications due to Vista compatibility with the mobile apps themselves and the legacy issues that prevent launchpad upgrade for some U3 drives. For example, Sandisk U3 drives with firmware 2.1.5 and 2.2.1 support Vista while firmware 2.1.6, 2.1.7, 2.1.8, 2.2.0 do not support Vista. - Ian Chiu

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im crossing my fingers in hope that microsoft will add the drivers cause vista doesnt even see the cd rom partition >< so i cant even get into my password protected drive on my main computer

not to add i need to build all my programs on my tiny 15" screen laptop

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