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Devices connected in the C2 wont initiate a terminal connection


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I have several devices in my c2 that are connected. However, none of them will spawn a terminal, it just spins with no creation. All is updated to the latest versions. Tetra, Squirrel, Lan Turtle all the same. Any suggestions, all my ports are open as specified in the lightsail c2 install instructions. 



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Could be something wrong with your VPS setup even if you've followed the instructions. I'm also running C2 on Lightsail (and have been doing that for quite a while now) with a fair share of different Hak5 gear and it works without any issues. Are all of the devices connected to C2 from the same local network or do you move them geographically so that you have tried it all when connected to other networks as well? If not, then that might be one thing to try in order to make sure there's nothing stopping this in the network from which you are connecting the devices.

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